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2017-2018 Staff Members
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2017-2018 Staff Members


McLaughlin, Jim Principal

Vice Principal

Yang, Mai Vice Principal

Office Staff

Babchuk, Oksana (916) 566-1950 ex.63039 Staff
Nye, Kelly (916) 566-1950 ex.63041 Staff
Young, Nicole (916) 566-1950 ex.63017 Staff

Kindergarten Teachers

Bouve, Leslie (916) 566-1950 ex.63001 Teacher
Grinager, Shelley (916) 566-1950 ex.63045 Teacher
Lawrence, Molly (916) 566-1950 ex.64224 Teacher
Russo, Tani (916) 566-1950 ex.63002 Teacher

First Grade Teachers

Azarov, Sofiya (916) 566-1950 ex.62669 Teacher
Green, Kathi (916) 566-1950 ex.63427 Teacher
Torres/Angel Wurtzer, Christina (916) 566-1950 ex.61319 Teacher

Second Grade Teachers

Gibb, Megan (916) 566-1950 ex.63006 Teacher
Reichman, Joan (916) 566-1950 ex.63007 Teacher
Rydell, Karen (916) 566-1950 ex.63008 Teacher

Third Grade Teachers

Banks/Elizabeth Sdun, Amanda (916) 566-1950 ex.64116 Teacher
Schmalenberger, Valerie (916) 566-1950 ex.63019 Teacher
Tucker, Erin (916) 566-1950 ex.61620 Teacher

Fourth Grade Teachers

Franklin, Cara (916) 566-1950 ex.63004 Teacher
Thomas, Lisa (916) 566-1950 ex.63005 Teacher

Fourth/Fifth Combo

Highfill, Jonathan (916) 566-1950 ex.61041 Teacher

Fifth Grade Teachers

Freeman, Tamara (916) 566-1950 ex.63012 Teacher
Straehle, Sarah (916) 566-1950 ex.63010 Teacher

Sixth Grade Teachers

McVay, Michelle (916) 566-1950 ex.63016 Teacher
Michel, Cynthia (916) 566-1950 ex.63014 Teacher
Salter, Michael (916) 566-1950 ex.63013 Teacher

Seventh Grade Teachers

Galarze, Stephanie (916) 566-1950 ex.63055 Math/PE Teacher
Hardisty, Nicole (916) 566-1950 ex.63439 English/Science Teacher

Seventh/Eighth History

Franklin, Roslyn (916) 566-1950 ex.63736 Teacher

Eighth Grade Teachers

Bricker, Michelle (916) 566-1950 ex.66147 English/Math Teacher
Newcomb, Justin (916) 566-1950 ex.64228 Science/PE Teacher

Support Staff

Austin, Debra (916) 566-1950 ex.63036 Staff

RSP Teacher

Clevenger, Jan (916) 566-1950 ex.63037 Staff
McCabe, Katharine (916) 566-1950 ex.63038 Staff

Speech Therapist

Smith Garcia, Christina (916) 566-1950 ex.64033 Staff


Lunbeck, Diane (916) 566-1950 ex.60423 Staff


Gutierrez, Lisa (916) 566-1950 ex.63097 Staff


Health Assistant

Stephney, Dorothy Staff

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To e-mail a staff member, click on the envelope icon in front of their name.

How to View a Teacher's Website

Any teacher whose name on the list is colored blue has a website. To visit that teacher's website, simply click on his/her name.