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Cynthia Michel Locker

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Michel, Cynthia

I am beginning my 17th year at Ridgepoint this year. I have taught 5th and 6th grade during those years, with the last three being a 5/6 combo. The thing I enjoy most about teaching is that no day is the same! I never know what challenge the kids will throw at me. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, playing with my dogs & cats (look below to see their sweet little faces), hanging out with my family, and organizing things. 

Daisy & Molly

Ms. Michel's Dogs, Daisy & Molly

Zoey & Tuti

Ms. Michel's Cats, Zoey & Tuti

Ms. Michel's 6th Grade Class



Reading - Read for at least 40 minutes/day
Language - study spelling & vocabulary words
Math - Online or GO Math Lesson 3.1 (all of front side - except part that asks what 0 represents)
Other - Sly Park $10 deposit DUE, Assembly permission slip, Get progress reports signed


Wednesday, Sept. 13th - Tri. 1, Book #2 Due
Monday, Sept. 18th - Progress Reports Sent Home
Thursday, Sept. 21st - Family Picnic
Wednesday, Sept. 27th - Tri. 1, Book #3 Due

Thursday, Oct. 5th - Picture Day
Thursday, Oct. 12th - Tri. 1, Book #4 Due
Thursday, Oct. 19th - Tri. 1 Book Report & Project Due,
                          1st Day of Presentations
Friday, Oct. 20th - 2nd Day of Presentations
Oct. 23rd-27th - Fall Book Fair
Saturday, Oct. 28th - Fall Carnival
Monday, Oct. 30th - End of the 1st Trimester
Tuesday, Oct. 31st - No School

Sunday, Nov. 5th - Daylight Savings Time Ends,
                      Set Clock back 1 Hour
Monday, Nov. 6th - Picture re-take day
Thursday, Nov. 9th - Talent Show
Friday, Nov. 10th - No School
Monday, Nov. 13th - Tri. 2, Book #1 Due
Tuesday, Nov. 14th - Shortened Day,
                         School's out at 1:42 pm
Nov. 16th-17th - No School, Parent/Teacher Conferences
Nov. 20th-24th - No School, Thanksgiving Recess

Monday, Dec. 11th - Tri. 2, Book #2 Due
Dec. 11th-15th - Santa's Workshop Store
Saturday, Dec. 16th - Santa's Breakfast
Wednesday, Dec. 20th - Minimum Day,
                            School's out at 1:12 pm
Dec. 21st-Jan. 5th - No School, Winter Break
Monday, Jan. 15th - No School
Tuesday, Jan. 16th - Tri. 2, Book #3 Due,
                         Progress Reports Sent Home
Friday, Jan. 26th - No School

Thursday, Feb. 1st - Spaghetti Dinner
Friday, Feb. 2nd - Final Sly Park payment due
Monday, Feb. 5th - Tri. 2, Book #4 Due
Monday, Feb. 12th - Tri. 2 Book Report & Project Due,
                        1st Day of Presentations
Tuesday, Feb. 13th - 2nd Day of Presentations
Friday, Feb. 16th - No School
Monday, Feb. 19th - No School
Friday, Feb. 23rd - End of the 2nd Trimester

March 5th-9th - Sly Park Field Trip
Sunday, March 11th - Daylight Savings Time Begins,
                        Set clocks ahead 1 hour
Tuesday, March 13th - Tri. 3, Book #1 Due
Friday, March 16th - No School
March 19th-23rd - Spring Book Fair
Thursday, March 22nd - Open House
March 26th-April 2nd - No School, Spring Break

Friday, April 6th - Tri. 3, Book #2 Due
Monday, April 23rd - Tri. 3, Book #3 Due,
                        Progress Reports Sent Home
Friday, April 27th - Jog-A-Thon

Monday, May 7th - Tri. 3, Book #4 Due
Monday, May 14th - Tri. 3 Book Report & Project Due,
                       1st Day of Presentations
Tuesday, May 15th - 2nd Day of Presentations
Monday, May 28th - No School
Friday, June 1st - Last Day of School, Minimum Day,
                    School's out at 1:12 pm

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Spelling List for September 15th thru 21st


Skill: homophones
1. waist (area near your hips)
2. waste (garbage, throw away)
3. patience (being calm and giving time)
4. patients (people who see doctors)
5. rite (a step in growing up or moving forward)
6. right (correct)
7. write (put words down)
8. muscle (found in your body)
9. mussel (type of shellfish)
10. principal (Mr. McLaughlin)
11. principle (idea or rule to live by)
12. summary (short review)
13. summery (season)
14. sight (vision)
15. cite (give evidence/use something as an example)
16. site (location)
17. stationary (doesn't move)
18. stationery (paper you write on)
19. coward (scared of things)
20. cowered (hunched down)


1. innovation - something new and creative, such as a new invention or a way to improve something that already exists

2. predominantly - for the most part, mainly, or mostly

3. credit - recognition or approval

4. welfare - a person's health, happiness, or general well-being

5. parallel - things or ideas that are similar or nearly identical

6. tension - mental strain or nervous anxiety

7. genuinely - to do something sincerely and without falsehood

8. aptly - to do something in an appropriate, or fitting, way

9. tendency - a leaning or an inclination toward some action or condition

10. aspect - an aspect of something is one of its dimensions or parts


First Day Activity