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Cynthia Michel Locker

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Michel, Cynthia

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Cynthia Michel

Homework for Tuesday, March 28th

5th Grade Homework:
Reading - Read for at least 30 minutes
Math - Lesson 11.4 (online or on worksheet)

6th Grade Homework:
Reading - Read for at least 30 minutes
Math - Lesson 11.4 (online or on worksheet)


Vocabulary for the Week of March 27th thru 31st

1. instinctively - something done naturally, without thought

2. decrease - lower

3. swiveled - turned around by pivoting

4. shakily - done trembling

5. dilapidated - rundown or in disrepair

6. auction - a sale of property to the highest bidder

7. decades - a period of ten years

8. rafters - supporting beams for a roof


5th Writing Prompt Video about How to Conserve Water


Writing a Bibliography


States and Capitals Practice: 

USA Geography (Has levels)

US States/Capitals Interactive Map (Levels)**

Match the Capital to the State on a Map (with or without the state name given)

Match State and Capital Names

What is the name of each states' capital? Check what you know

States & Capitals on YouTube:

Animaniacs State and Capital Song

States and Capitals Song

Tips & Tricks to Learn the U.S. States



Online Dictionary/Thesaurus


PhotoStory 3 - Book project, book trailer

PhotoStory - video on how to make one

Typing Practice

Typing Games (Do not click on any of the advertisements)




Reading Book

Book Levels

AR - (Username: student's ID#, Password: student's first name)

AR Home Connect


Who was Book Series Website



Basic Facts (the teacher's username is minion, your password is your student ID #). You should be practicing these 2 times a day for about 5 minutes.

GO Math! Resources (Username: student's ID number, Password: students name with the first letter capitalized)

Khan Academy

Arcademic Skill Builders





Mummification Site #2

British Museum - Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt (good site for heiroglyphics, mummies, basic info.)

Heiroglyphics (Why used them)

Heiroglyphics (symbols to write cartouches)



I Believe Practice

Din Daa Daa




The Heart


Magic School Bus "Kicks Up a Storm"

Spelling List for March 27th to April 7th

5th Grade's List

Skill: Prepositions/the aw sound
1. against
2. brought
3. audience
4. beneath
5. thoughtless
6. except
7. fought
8. since
9. frost
10. naughty
11. without
12. sawdust
13. withdraw
14. past
15. automatic
16. outside
17. automobile
18. until
19. launch
20. auditorium


6th Grade's List

Skill: Prepositions/the aw sounds 
1. astronaut
2. pawn
3. beside
4. automobile
5. lawnmower
6. except
7. audition
8. awful
9. instead
10. automatic
11. caught
12. through
13. underneath
14. exhaust
15. lawyer
16. strong
17. smog
18. haughty
19. daughter
20. without

Ms. Michel's "Children"

Daisy & Molly

Ms. Michel's Dogs, Daisy & Molly

Zoey & Tuti

Ms. Michel's Cats, Zoey & Tuti