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Cynthia Michel Locker

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Michel, Cynthia

I am beginning my 17th year at Ridgepoint this year. I have taught 5th and 6th grade during those years, with the last three being a 5/6 combo. The thing I enjoy most about teaching is that no day is the same! I never know what challenge the kids will throw at me. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, playing with my dogs & cats (look below to see their sweet little faces), hanging out with my family, and organizing things. 

Daisy & Molly

Ms. Michel's Dogs, Daisy & Molly

Zoey & Tuti

Ms. Michel's Cats, Zoey & Tuti

Ms. Michel's 6th Grade Class



Reading -  finish Book #3 (due Tuesday!), work on diorama & book report
Vocabulary - study pro- prefix

Other - Work on IXL (see skills to the right)

Monday, Jan. 15th - No School
Tuesday, Jan. 16th - Tri. 2, Book #3 Due,
                         Progress Reports Sent Home
Friday, Jan. 26th - No School

Thursday, Feb. 1st - Spaghetti Dinner
Friday, Feb. 2nd - Final Sly Park payment due
Monday, Feb. 5th - Tri. 2, Book #4 Due
Monday, Feb. 12th - Tri. 2 Book Report & Project Due,
                        1st Day of Presentations
Tuesday, Feb. 13th - 2nd Day of Presentations
Friday, Feb. 16th - No School
Monday, Feb. 19th - No School
Friday, Feb. 23rd - End of the 2nd Trimester

March 5th-9th - Sly Park Field Trip
Sunday, March 11th - Daylight Savings Time Begins,
                        Set clocks ahead 1 hour
Tuesday, March 13th - Tri. 3, Book #1 Due
Friday, March 16th - No School
March 19th-23rd - Spring Book Fair
March 26th-April 2nd - No School, Spring Break

Friday, April 6th - Tri. 3, Book #2 Due
Thursday, April 12th - Open House
Monday, April 23rd - Tri. 3, Book #3 Due,
                        Progress Reports Sent Home
Friday, April 27th - Jog-A-Thon

Monday, May 7th - Tri. 3, Book #4 Due
Monday, May 14th - Tri. 3 Book Report & Project Due,
                       1st Day of Presentations
Tuesday, May 15th - 2nd Day of Presentations
Monday, May 28th - No School
Friday, June 1st - Last Day of School, Minimum Day,
                    School's out at 1:12 pm


Student Portal to get to homework ( use your student id # then put @twinriversusd.org after it, your password is twinrivers)


Hour of Code


Sly Park Informational Video


Flocabulary - learning through rap (class code Q7PZGM)


Raz-Kids (teacher username: michel6)

Book Levels

AR - (Username: student's ID#, Password: student's first name)
Online Dictionary/Thesaurus




Khan Academy

Arcademic Skill Builders




Typing Practice

Typing Games (Do not click on any of the advertisements)




Mummification Site #2

British Museum - Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt (good site for heiroglyphics, mummies, basic info.)

Heiroglyphics (Why used them)

Heiroglyphics (symbols to write cartouches)





Note: Twin Rivers Unified School District is not responsible for the content on the external web sites.

Great News! IXL has been purchased for our class to use this year. Please encourage your child to use this program! It's a great resource for your child to use to practice skills that he/she has not yet mastered. Students have access to all math and language arts skills for grades Pre-K to 12. If they need the practice, they may work on previous years' skills. If your child is more advanced, he/she can begin trying some 7th grade skills. To access IXL simply click on the link below and login. 

Some IXL skills to work on from January 11th to 19th related to what we are doing in class:
Language Arts - 
6.R.3, 6.R.5, 6.R.6

Math -
Two Variable Equations (anything in the BBs)


1. pro- for, in favor of, forward, positive

2. probable - likely; likely to move in a positive direction

3. proceed - to move forward; to go; to follow through with an idea or a plan

4. projectile - a forward-moving object that was thrown or self-powered

5. prolong - to draw out; to make something moving forward last longer

6. promotion - a movement forward in a company; a movement up into a better position in a job

7. propel - to cause to move forward

8. prospect - the act of looking forward in anticipation of something to come

9. protest - to forward a complaint, objection, or display of unwillingness


1. aberration - change from the normal
2. dwindle - to lessen; to shrink
3. myopic - nearsighted; shortsighted
4. obliquely - slantingly; indirectly
5. perturbed - troubled; upset
6. precipitously - abruptly; steeply
7. reverberate - to echo; to vibrate
8. sadist - one who enjoys causing pain
9. wheedle - to plead; to coax
10. serenely - calmly; peacefully
11. antagonistic - hostile; unfriendly
12. assimilate - to absorb; to understand; to take in
13. diction - manner of speaking; pronunciation
14. ephemeral - short-lived; temporary
15. preliminaries - preparations; beginnings
16. prodigious - tremendous; amazing
17. relinquish - to let go; to abandon
18. tangible - touchable; real; solid
19. tractable - manageable; obedient
20. wraithlike - ghostly
21. brusquely - roughly; impatiently
22. distraught - upset; distressed
23. emanate - to flow out; to radiate
24. impenetrable - inaccessible; indestructible
25. omnipotent - all-powerful; god-like
26. translucent - allowing light through
27. transparent - clear; easily seen through or recognized
28. trepidation - anxiety; fear
29. vacant - empty
30. insolent - disrespectful; rude